The Lipotropic Program is designed to prevent the accumulation of fat in the liver and to eliminate toxins and other metabolic wastes from the body. An intelligent blend of lipotropic nutrients and Vitamin B12, this program is a great companion to your healthy diet routine and exercise regimen. By boosting the efficiency of the gallbladder and liver, the lipotropic nutrients help to break down body fat and minimize fat deposits.

The Three Products That Comprise The Lipotropic Program

The Lipotropic program is made up of these three components that work together to boost weight loss:

• Lipotropic Injections

• Fat Burner + Energy


Lipotropic Injections

Lipotropic injections are specially formulated for people who are more than 20% over their ideal body weight. These injections contain inositol, methionine, betain and choline, all of which work together to boost the metabolism of fat and prevent excessive buildup of fat in the liver. They also help remove cholesterol from the bloodstream. Lipotropic injections work faster and more efficiently than their supplement form. This is because, with an injection, the nutrients are delivered into the body directly and are absorbed in a shorter time, increasing the effectiveness and shortening the time it takes to produce the desired results.

Fat Burner + Energy

If you prefer taking Lipotropics orally, Fat Burner+ energy is for you. It comprises vitamins B1, B2 and B3 so that you get full B-complex support. Consumed along with the Lipotropic shot, you can boost your metabolism by maintaining the blood levels of the Lipotropic ingredients.


ACR2X increases energy and efficiency levels by eliminating toxins in the colon. Studies have shown that buildup in the colon is often the main cause of fatigue and sluggishness in most people. By removing this buildup, you will feel more energetic. When consumed along with Lipotropics, it optimizes liver function and improves health. ACR2X is made up of all natural ingredients and is non-habit forming. It is mild enough to be consumed every day with no ill effects.

Who Can Take The Lipotropic Program?

The Lipotropic Program is ideal for anyone who is struggling to lose weight, especially if their BMI is 20 % or higher than their ideal body weight. It is specifically meant to be used by men who have over 20 % body fat or women who have more than 30 % body fat are ideal candidates.

What Can You Expect When Taking Lipotropic Pills?

The nutrients present in the Lipotropic pills remove cholesterol from the bloodstream, safeguard against depression and anxiety, and enhance everyday functioning of your liver. It also assists in processing hormones, estrogen, glycogen and glucose.

Many people prefer to consume Lipotropics in pill form, rather than take the injection. While it will serve the purpose, you should know that it loses a lot of its effectiveness as it goes through the digestive process. With Lipotropics injections, the nutrients get absorbed directly into the body so you get faster results.

If you intend to use the benefits of Lipotropics injections to lose weight, it is very important to go through an experienced practitioner who will monitor your progress and advise you every step of the way.


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* The results described are based on active and strict participation in our program. Individual results may vary.

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