Losing weight, getting in shape, and sticking with a healthy lifestyle is tough, but with the right kind of support, it is achievable. Learn about the 3 weight loss programs available in Redondo Beach.



Phentermine is an FDA-approved prescription medication that is often recommended for obesity treatment. It helps significantly overweight individuals lose weight by suppressing the appetite, decreasing food cravings and making a person feel full longer. It works well when taken exactly as prescribed without any changes and when used together with diet change and increased physical activity. In some cases, behavior therapy may also be recommended.

Benefits of the program

Starting on a phentermine program is a great way to get the impetus you need to kick-start your weight loss endeavors. By suppressing your diet, it makes it easier for you to develop and maintain new and healthier habits. You must remember though that this is not a long-term program and neither is it a substitute for proper diet or exercise. Phentermine is typically prescribed for three months and is followed by other supplements that help to curb your appetite and maintain your eating habits, so you continue to lose weight steadily.


The Optifast program is an easy to follow weight management program that lasts from about twelve weeks to twenty-six weeks. It involves a full meal replacement plan while teaching patients to prepare their own meals after the program ends. Participants of the Optifast, Redondo Beach program are closely supervised and given the counseling, support, and education to get through the program and continue achieving and maintaining weight loss.

Benefits of the program

The Optifast program is the very first formula diet program that was designed for weight loss. It works so well because it does not just focus on weight loss. Instead, it treats the person as a whole. The ongoing support that participants of the program receive motivates them to keep losing weight long after they’ve completed the program. The fact that the program includes a nice variety of tasty foods and drinks helps to keep away hunger pangs and cravings.


The Lipotropic Program is specially formulated with lipotropic or fat loving nutrients. These lipotropic nutrients help the liver and gallbladder to work more efficiently in detoxifying metabolic waste and preventing fat accumulation, which accelerates the rate of weight loss.

Benefits of the program

The Lipotropic Program boosts metabolism and burns stored body fat. Together these two actions help reduce overall fat storage and increase energy levels. It has proven to work very well when combined with regular exercise and healthy eating habits.

The Lipotropic Program starts with Lipotropic injections that contain Inositol, Methionine and Choline and vitamins B5, B6, and B12. All of these ingredients work together to boost the rate of detoxification and metabolism while also helping to transport fats out of the body. Patients are then given proprietary Fat Burner + Energy oral pills and ACR2X, which further help to boost metabolism and remove build up from the colon. This colon cleansing action increases efficiency as well as energy levels.

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